Gin Dear was the name given to the Fine Art degree show 2014. As part of the Real Jobs scheme in the Department of Graphic Communication & Typography, I worked with a fellow student on my course and three students from the Fine Art course to produce the branding, a catalogue displaying their work, a set of trading cards featuring each student, a map of the exhibition and an invitation to be sent out to galleries.

The Fine Art course has 50 students, all of which had to be featured within the catalogue and who wanted their own personalised trading card to feature their work and a little more information about them. The five Masters students also needed to be included, being part of the collective group but still being identifiable as MFA students.

Trading cards along with their corresponding sections.

Illustrations in the same style as the trading cards help describe the categories.

BA student work spread. Names of the students and words relating to the students themselves are highlighted throughout the catalogue.

The MFA spread has reversed-out text and larger images to make the work separate from the BA work.

Quotes chosen by the students were dispersed through the catalogue as a decorative and more human element.

Spread of all the graduating students.

Each trading card is personalised for the students with their own illustrated