This was a self-directed project while at university. After noticing how difficult it can be to do online grocery shopping, it was explored how it could be improved, considering the user experience and how to make the process more helpful and efficient.

Focusing on the Tesco grocery shopping website in particular, the design was made responsive to tablet and desktop. Avenues were then explored to incorporate Tesco ClubCard data to personalise the experience and give the user exactly what they want. Using the data, favourite items from purchases made online or in-store could be added with a single click. The data would also display items that the user is likely to be interested in – considering recent purchases and the prices of items previously purchased to make sure items that are likely to be wanted are shown. The site also has more imagery, helping to lift the site and make it more interesting.

Tesco grocery shopping log in page

Tesco grocery shopping section page

Product lightbox

Delivery booking